Angyra, 2003
Illustration: Spyros Gousis
Award: Awarded by the Greek Society of Christian Letters
ISBN: 960-234-996-4

Thomas is a mentally handicapped little boy. With the help of his parents as well as that from the special school that he attends, he will develop incredible abilities and take part in the Special Olympic Games. When the time comes for him to compete, something unexpected will happen that will reveal his kindness and the greatness of his soul.

"Thomas" is a deeply moving story."
Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 14/11/2003

"Litsa Psarafti's "Thomas" is the only book that refers to the Special Olympics, the athletic games organised for athletes with special needs. With sensitivity and tenderness, Psarafti's book tells of Thomas's and his family's endeavour until the twenty-year-old mentally handicapped youth succeeds in gaining a place in the team that will compete in the Special Olympics."
Vima Newspaper, 21/12/2003

"A book without any hesitations and excessive sentimentality, which gives one of the greatest lessons of humanity and compassion."
N. Th. Arvanitis
President of the Greek Society of Christian Letters

"...The story is simple, tender and moving."
Noumas Newspaper, Issue 103, 2005

"I became curious about the book simply, by looking at the cover.I immediately started to read it and, believe me, it enraptured me from the very first page.I hope that you'll enjoy it just as much as I did.
Fani Mavroudi, student"

To Delfini Magazine for Children, Issue 5, 2004

"This is a book that reveals the true spirit of the Olympic Games as well as the everyday struggle of children with special needs who lay claim to their rights.

...We wish the author good luck and congratulate her for having dealt with such a sensitive issue: that of children with special needs."
Rizos' Adesmeftos Typos Newspaper, 2003

"...A book filled with beautiful emotions, thoughts and images that should be read by young and old."
Ethnos Newspaper, 3/7/2003


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